Year of Commencement – 2000


Whitaker Centre
CNR Snowy MTS & Boonderoo Rd NSW 2720

Phone 02 6947 3938


The first meeting of the Tumut Centre was held 2nd March 1981 at “Yurunga” where it continued until May 1987. After a few months operating from the showground it moved to “Camelot” for one school term after which it ceased operations. At the beginning of 1988 a lease was acquired on a reserve at Wyangie just out of Tumut where riding was conducted until 1992 when it was decided that it was too far out of town and a more suitable site be found. The centre moved to its current position on the edge of town in November 1992 where it has now established itself.

Days of Operation

Every Thurs, Every second Sunday in school terms.


Margot Bulgar
Mob: 0428 474 337

Postal Address
PO Box 564 Tumut NSW 2720


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